A project over a year and a half in the making, Dream With Me captures Ben’s heartfelt artistry through his dynamic and tender voice. In this EP, Ben takes on 5 bold, rich, and vocally demanding selections from the pop and musical theatre genre with the same grace and personal flair he brings to the stage. Available on all music streaming platforms.

More on Dream With Me:

Ben has been studying voice for four years with Diana Grasselli (Desmond Child & Rouge, Broadway, Vertical Voice Method) at Chanson Voice & Music Academy in Minneapolis, MN. CVMA offers their exceptional artists the unique opportunity to produce professional recordings. Ben was found to be a prime candidate for this experience. As his primary producer, Diana Grasselli mentored Ben with her decades of recording experience on both sides of the glass, and introduced him to musical and recording collaborators at the top of their fields.


From the Artist:

“I’ve learned that the recording process requires one to reach a level of artistic immaculacy just short of that really uninteresting level of perfection. It’s the act of capturing all of your favorite moments of every performance you’ve ever given of a song, then attempting to piece them all together in a way that is both cohesive and true to you. Recording DREAM WITH ME has been an adventurous, vulnerable, playful, and completely thrilling process that without a doubt has made me a stronger artist. I cherish the mentorship I’ve received from all of the amazing artists who collaborated on this work, especially the nurturing and meticulous Diana Grasselli. I am very proud of this project, and look forward to a greater career as a recording artist.”