Into the Woods with Ten Thousand Things Theater Co.

Ben joined Minneapolis-based company known to be a “theatrical force” and “national treasure” for its accesible theatre, imaginative staging, and transformative outreach. He played “Jack” and “The Steward” in Into the Woods, Feb 7th-March 24th, 2019


“Because theater is richer when EVERYONE is in the audience.”

In addition performing Into the Woods for paying audiences, Ben served audiences with little access to the wealth of the arts. Free performances of the Into the Woods took place at homeless shelters, correctional facilities, low-income senior centers, reservations, after-school programs, women's shelters, and locations in greater/rural Minnesota. Providing high quality art to those with little access is at the core of Ten Thousand Things’ mission.

“I’ve never seen a play before this. I get out in 10 days. I can’t wait to see it again and bring my sister.”

— Inmate after seeing TTT’s Into the Woods


Working with Marcela Lorca

Marcela Lorca, director of Into the Woods, became artistic director of Ten Thousand Things in June of 2018:

“This is a theater company that believes that everyone is worthy, that everyone deserves the right to experience high quality art… Let’s come together in these times where we artists and audiences need to continue to practice being fully awake, finding the light and hope in times of flux and helping many to do the same.”

Lorca has built a national reputation as a theater director since moving to this country from Chile in the mid 1980s. She has directed and choreographed at regional theaters such as the Guthrie, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and the Goodman to name a few. Ben was in her final graduating class at the UofMN/Guthrie Theater BFA Actor Training Program, where she served as Director of Company Development and head of Movement. With Into the Woods, he joined her first project as Artistic Director of Ten Thousand Things.